New Cleaning Checklists in store

Now you can find cleaning checklists in the Organize Life shop. The lists will help you keep your home immaculate. You can either buy them one by one or you can buy the kit with all the printables and save $11! Below you can see all the individual pages and the kit. All of the lists are fillable in Adobe Reader, or you can print them out empty and fill them in by hand.

Cleaning Kit

The Cleaning Checklist has room for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual tasks.

The Cleaning by Room Checklist has one cleaning list for each room in the house, with two rooms per page. It also includes a blank page so you can create your own custom list.

The Seasonal Cleaning List is divided into three sub-categories; Basic, Deep-cleaning and Seasonal. It comes both pre-filled and empty.

The Monthly Cleaning List has tasks with monthly checkboxes to keep you on track all year.

The Weekly Cleaning Checklist has a checklist for each day of the week and one for those tasks that needs to be done daily. It comes both pre-filled and empty.

Cleaning Checklist Kit  Cleaning Checklist  Cleaning Checklist Room by Room

Seasonal Cleaning Checklist  Monthly Cleaning Checklist  Weekly Cleaning Checklist